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review SalvationMods DReadplate vs Egnater Erect

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Postby maestro_nl » Wed Nov 16, 2011 11:20 pm

I did a review which took a lot of time and effort so I like to share it with HRI and MTS Forum members.

Review DReadplate ( vs Erect (

First impression while unboxing the DReadplate module: clean soldering, added features on the pcb-board are carefully done. Not surprising the frontpanel is Rectifier style. If your wife says the frontpanel looks cool it must be cool!

Orange mode sounds more organic, less compressed, less bottom- and highend, more gritty and dynamics than in Red mode. On the other hand Red mode has more highs and low, more compression, tighter, phat sound. While turning down the Gain you will hear the differences becoming bigger between the modes.
Dual Rectifier vs DReadplate; I hear the same differences between the modes, only a little less exaggerated on the module. Probably this has something to do with switched changes in the poweramp section of the real Rectifier.
In fact I like the DReadplate over the real deal because real Orange is too grainy and real Red is too compressed for me.

Both modules have a tonestacking in a way turning Bass/Mid/Treble to zero you have no sound. Turning the EQ to the max gives you a tighter sound. Somewhat comparable to switching from neck pickup to bridge pickup. Dialing in the EQ does chance the feel of the module from weak to tight. For this reason most Egnater modules I run Bass max, Mid max and Treble at 12:00, Bright and BassBoost at 1. DReadplate has already a tight and balanced EQ at 12:00 o’clock. At this point I already have more tightness than the Egnater Erect at max EQ. At rehearsel, switching between Erect and DReadplate, it is immediately clear the DReadplate has a more balanced EQ and easier to track in the mix. The DReadplate does have pleasant frequenties I can’t dial in at the Egnater Erect.

Modes & EQ
To compensate the different EQ of both modes I personally don’t change the Bass/Mod/Treble but only the Bright and BassBoost from position 1 to 2. The added boost of Bright and bass is enough for me to leave the EQ alone. While ordering the DReadplate at first thought I would opt for channel 1 being Orange and channel 2 being Red mode. I now realise the EQ won’t fit both modes, and I have a favorite mode, so I am happy with 1 preset mode for both channels.

Most boost/overdrive pedals will add a lot of noise, sounding flat and too much compression. 99% in case of combining pedals and amps I feel the gain/sound tructure of the pedal doesn’t match the amp. Rectifier players will advice you to use a Tubescreamer. Well, no boostpedal or Tubescreamer gets my boat floating so far. Best results I got by combining boosting the mids & volume (no gain) in front of the amp.

Funny, the kick/boost is described as my kind of boost. Well, how does the kick-ed DReadplate sound? GOOD! Way better than I ever could imagine and any pedal did! I feel the kick/boost is part of the amp and not a stand-alone unit like a pedal. It is matched and integrated to the DReadplate. No volume drop, no mid hump, no clicks, just great!

DReadplate vs Erect
Comparing Randall modules to Egnater’s in the past I always felt Randall’s are lacking ‘amp feel’,’oemph’. Only Randall Plexi, 1086 (and 1987?) are coming close imo. Egnater modules are in general more (hotrod) vintage orientated. Higher gain modules tend to loose the ‘oemph’. Also both channels in the Erect are identical. Egnater Erect is equivalent to the Salvation orange mode. No orange/red mode and no boost, just one sound. The DReadplate does have four combi’s (normal/kick and orange/red mode). Don’t get me wrong. The Egnater is absolutely not bad at all. At first notice very close to the DReadplate in Orange mode without boost. Concerning Dual rectifier modules the distance Randall-Egnater is at least the same as Egnater-Salvation to me.

100% raving review are not convincing to me. I noticed after two weaks of use the frontplate does peal off slightly around the mounting screws and the bright/boost switches. Probably touched by my nails. I guess the frontplate sticks a printed sticker.
Second, my Gain is at 10 o’clock. A slower taper would be nice but not necessary.
Soundwise I really can’t think about something to change.

I did a comparison at home and in a band situation. In real life the differences are becoming bigger in favor of the DReadplate. My cheap usb-mic doesn’t record that well what I hear while playing. But believe me, now I own a DReadplate I will donate my Egnater Erect for a next Salvation modification and my Triple Rectifier is for sale. I am smiling.

About the author:
I (did) own all Egnater modules for over 5 years. Play live with two Egnater chassis’ = 8 dual modules. Poweramp is a Mesa/Boogie 2:100 Rectifier (modern mode). Did own a Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier head and do own a Triple Rectifier.
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Postby KEVORKIAN » Wed Nov 16, 2011 11:24 pm

Nice review. I'd be interested in checking some of the SalvationMods modules out.
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